Charly is a professional dancer and has trained in a variety of dance techniques since the age of six. Throughout her dance career she has become aware of the importance of cross-training to achieve optimal conditioning of the body in order to avoid injuries. In addition to her dance training Charly has practiced Yoga, Zena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique, Feldenkrais, Pilates, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis.

Charly has ten years of experience as a Private Fitness Consultant, customizing her workout to the specific needs, goals and abilities of each individual client.

She is a certified Pilates instructor and teaches her own brand of Pilates Fitness Fusion group classes in New York City.


Charly’s private sessions, as well as her group classes include key exercises of Pilates, Yoga, Floor Barre and other strengthening and stretching techniques, which allows for a well-rounded and diverse training program. Props, such as foam rollers, exercise bands and exercise balls are being used to either intensify the workout, or for support to ensure the proper execution of the exercises.


“Charly added to my growth !! Very knowledgeable!”
Julian R.

“So excited to work with someone who is willing to help me get better while understanding my limitations and without judging me. It was one of the best exercise experiences I have ever had!”
Anna G.

“I really enjoy my Pilates lessons with Charly!
She is a great and motivating teacher with a deep understanding for the alignment of the body. It is a pleasure for me to have an instructor who spots and corrects even my minor mistakes. Charly helps me build myself up strong and balanced.
Something else I really appreciate about Charly is that she’s always on time and arrives well-prepared for the lessons. We have done a vary of different exercises and she always mixes it up.
If you want a thorough and professional Pilates instructor, I can highly recommend Charly.” – Phoebe C.

“Really Great Experience felt really great afterwards.!!” – Caroline R.

“Know those instructors that bark orders at you and don’t look like they work out much? Charly is the opposite of that! She is a wonderful Pilates instructor. She is tremendously motivating and engaging. She will make sure that you have perfect form, and pushes you to be stronger. After just a few sessions, I noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility and my abs were rock hard! I highly recommend her.” – Karen U.

“Charly Wenzel has been working with my husband and myself as a personal trainer for the past seven years. She is very responsible and careful – as we are an elderly couple, but also knows when to be more challenging. Her routines vary according to need. She has a lovely warm and happy personality and has been able to help us through some difficult surgeries. I cannot praise her highly enough. She has been wonderful with us and I don’t think we would be as mobile as we are without her help.” – S.& G.Coumantaros

“Charly is the best!
After giving birth to two children, it is not easy to get back in shape and I honestly think, that it would have not been possible if it weren’t for Charly.
She is very sensitive to the health issues one faces and knows exactly what to do and what not to do. At the same time she gently pushes you enough to actually make the big difference. I am now back to the way I was before having the kids – just that now I am even little stronger.
But it is not just the strength and shape of your body, but Charly will also help you adjust for any imbalances in your body.
I was very sad when I moved from Brooklyn and was not able to take her class anymore, but I am still doing a lot from our routine, that helps me stay fit.
She is wonderful!” – Linda B.

“I started Pilates with Charly about half a year ago. Charly is a patient teacher and explains in detail how to perform each movement. I have learnt so much about proper body alignment and how to execute each exercise with proper form. Charly’s attention to detail makes all the difference! I feel extremely confident training with Charly and have recommended her to my friends and family.” – Nina J.

“Charly is a terrific Pilates teacher. She has come to my home for a class and I love the way she tailors her instruction to individual needs and capabilities. She is very sensitive to possible injuries by frequently asking if something hurts or is uncomfortable. Her instructions are clear and the class moves along at a comfortable pace. She is also a really nice person — the best!” – Alice R.

“Charly came to my school and she was excellent. She was so positive and full of spirit.”

Photographer: Humberto Carreno

Photographer: Humberto Carreno

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